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About Us

Armenian Center for Youth and Students International Relations and Exchange is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which is registered by the RA Ministry of Justice in 1996.
Next year ACE is going to celebrate its 23th anniversary.
The Center implements social, environmental, cultural and educational programs in Armenia and abroad. The main goals of the Center is to establish new relations between Armenian youth and the youth worldwide. As well as to support the youth and students of Armenia to participate in the International programs to get information about International youth and students' organizations.

The objectives are:

  • to support the youth and students of Armenia to participate in international youth projects
  • to gather much information about the international youth and student organizations
  • to support the development of open civil society in Armenia
    to promote the democratic reform & further development of
  • youth and student organizations in Armenia
  • to promte intercultural learning and understanding

    The main activities of our organisation are promotion of
    different international exchange programs for students and youth. The activities are but not limited to educational courses, vocational trainings, summer schools, cross cultural seminars. We try to create opportunities for youth to be involved in different projects and promote intercultural learning.One of the most popular program is Work & Travel in USA
    We support Armenian students to apply for their Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in different European and American Higher Education Institutions, to provide information about different study opportunities they can have ,we try to find suitable courses for them according to their professions , help with their application process and apply to different Educational Funds for getting scholarships, so that they will have opportunity to continue their education abroad.

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