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Summer In Armenia

Summer Holidays in the Picturesque Regions of Armenia

The international youth center ACE offers you to spend your summer leisure in the holiday homes of Sevan, Dilijan, Lori and Tsakhkadzor.
Comfortable rooms with 24 hour hot water, high level, specially furnished hall, cinema, open air and internal training halls (tennis, billiadrs), pool, rich library. Food three times per day, fabulous nature and a large amount of historical and architectural monuments.

All this together with the good and nice attitude of the employees will make every day unforgettable.

The House of Writer's Creativity
uploads/content/content-Iyit6r4FuQ-0.gifLuxuriously appointed one, two, three-room apartments, modern amenities, grand foyer, exotic bar, state of the art, halls for meetings, ceremonies and other uses. All these you will find in our House of Creativity of Writers.

Dining at our restaurant you are sure to find delightful refreshments and first-class meals three times a day.
uploads/content/content-WhyGMDmTXI-0.gifThe kind-hearted attitude of the staff will make your stay here very pleasant and unforgettable. The most important feature of our resort is the glorious nature of Tsakhkadzor, historical monuments and sites and ancient Kecharis Monastery in the vicinity.
uploads/content/content-5GB5ieFyWV-0.gifWe receive guests and provide them with our services both personally or together with their families, and also all kinds of groups. There is no better and more comfortable place, fully equipped to satisfy requirements of any modern scientific conference, meeting, seminar, talks and other arrangements.

We offer all our guests the following services for sport and social activities:

  • Table tennis
  • Billiards
  • Pinball
  • Weight room
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Skis and sleds
  • Car service
  • Satellite TV
  • Install VCD
  • Install telephone
  • International communication
  • Computer services
  • Internet
  • Fax

    Also available:
  • House of Composers
  • House of Cineastes

    We also offer you to spend your summer holidays in most historic and picturesque sites of Armenia.


    We offer you to visit Odzun wich is one of the biggest and historic villages in Armenia. It has an amazing nature and diverse monuments dating to different periods. So you can rest and go for historic excursions at the same time.

    You can stay in modern rooms with shower and 24 hour hot and cold water supply. In your free time you can enjoy the pool outside. Meals are provided 3 times a day.

    For more details please contact: Teryan 91

    Tel: (374 10) 56 60 14
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