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ACE cooperates with
  • Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  • Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center
  • Busines & Hotel Management School, Switserland
  • DILIT International house, Italy
  • Language Study International (LSI)
  • University of California, Riverside

    uploads/content/content-SheFUpI0R3-0.jpg In September 2006 ACE president Armen Hayrumyan, was invited to participate in CIEE's Annual Work and Travel Conference, which took place in Sitges, Spain.
    During the conference the were discussed different aspects of Work and Travel program, there were introduced new and more effective methods for the new Season, also there took place meetings and discussions with the partners form all over the world.

    Carye Helbing - CIEE Director of Partner Sales
    Armen Hayrumyan -President of ACE
    Katie Tarantino -CIEE Account Manager
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