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In this page you can find all necessary information about our programs and hope you will find it helpful and interesting.

Our organization is committed to the support of intercultural understanding and education. We aim to support young people to improve their skills and knowledge through education and different youth projects. ACE Armenia offers different kinds of programs for students and young people. We support talented Armenian youth to choose a relevant university among the world's best universities to take undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Together with formal educational programs we also offer non-formal educational programs such as training courses, seminars, youth exchanges and international youth meetings.

If you want to take part in any international activity or study abroad, do not hesitate to contact us!!!


We offer you language study programs in different destinations :

English in UKtitle

German in Germanytitle

Italian in Italytitle

Spanish in Spaintitle

Best Language Schools ,Individual and group courses ,
Cultural program !
Improve your language skills while living in an international environment and make an unforgettable experience of your life!

Work & Travel USA

uploads/content/content-k6Rm5ylIV7-0.jpgExperience the American way of life and earn money at the same time.

ACE offers you to spend your summer holidays living and working in USA.
The Work & Travel USA program is a unique opportunity for full-time students to spend their summer holidays in USA , to get work experience and earn minimum slary of 8.5$ per hour, also to learn new culture, make international friends and practice English !
In order to participate in the program you should :
  • Be a full-time University student
  • Be between 18-25 years
  • Have a good English knowledge

    Hospitality & Buisness Management Programs in Switzerland

    uploads/content/content-ZT4tdLNR5S-0.jpgAre you planning a career in the world's largest and fastest growing industry? then this is a program for you!
    At any time , more than 5000 students from all over the world are studying at one of the numerous hotel management schools in Switserland for successful careers in hospitality and its related fields. For over a hundred years, Switserland has been famous for excellence in hotel management education. you will both develop your career and will enjoy the Swiss culture and traditions!

    Volunteer WorkCamps in Europe

    titleWe offer you to spend 2 or 3 weeks of your summer vacation in the Volunteering Camps in different European countries, especially in Germany and France.
    You will have chance to take part in creative work projects, to help the local community, you will have chance to experience new culture and make new friends and also practice your English language and have a lot of fun!

    Registration for summer camps 2019 is already open!!! Plan your summer vacation earlier!!!


    2 or 3 weeks lasting Summer school program is designed for young people from 7-16 years old.
    Improve your English language school and have a lot of fun at the same time!
    The program offers English lessons, 1 half day and 1 full day excursions per week to London, Cambrige, Oxford or Ascot, afternoon and evening activities full of joy.

    Make an unforgettable summer experience !!!title
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