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Dear Friends

titleId like to take this opportunity to briefly represent our organisation. Since 1996 ACE has been promoting international cultural educational exchange programs. Our mission is to provide all participants students with a meaningful experience that promotes global awareness and cultural understanding and to support you to participate in the exchange programs worldwide to experience and share cultures with the international students.
Realising that the Youth is building the future we encourage student mobility in order to fight prejudice and xenophobia, to protect Human Rights by increasing peoples awareness of different cultures.
We believe that the promotion of the international exchange programs will help the young people to build an open and tolerant society and to increase intercultural understanding.
In turn, our combined efforts translate into a remarkable contribution to the lives of our participants, giving them the skills needed to live in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world .

We would be very happy to welcome you to ACE Armenia.
President of ACE
Armen Hayrumyan
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