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International Youth Seminar

The next international seminar will take place in Werftpfuhl, Germany from 07NOVEMBER-14 NOVEMBER,2010.
The topic of the seminar will be the global environmental problems.
The seminar will bring together young people from all over the Europe who will be involved in the lively discussions about the topic, and will have space for exchanging and sharing ideas.
There will also be an intercultural evening where the participants will have chance to learn about different cultures and taste different traditional food and drinks.

If you are an enthusiastic and active youth worker and are interesting in getting involved in the discussions of up to date problems, and want to experience different cultures you are welcome to apply!
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International Summerschool

This year again the representatives of our organisation will participate in the summer school in Werftpfuhl from 29.08.2010 to 05.09.2010.
Durinig the summer school they will discuss the regional conflicts and will raise awareness about the conflict resolution, and what role can young people play in resolving conflicts in general.
They will also have social programs, will meet young people from different countries and will visit Berlin.
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International Youth Meeting 31st July to 13th Aug 2010

This year again about 130 international participants will gather together for the international youth meeting in Dachau, Germany!
The International Youth Meeting is a place for young people from all over the world to discuss issues concerning the past, the present and the future. Young people will look at the history of the concentration camp in Dachau,and present forms of exclusion,racism and discrimination. The principles of exchanging ideas,experiencing different cultures,as well as Holocaust education and imparting ideas,experiencing different cultures,as well as Holocaust education and imparting tolerance are the core ideas of the International Youth Meeting.title

The participants will also have a lot of fun together and will be involved in different cultural and leisure activites!

Currently we are accepting applications !
Hurry up !!!!

For mor einfo , please contact us at 56 60 14, or visit our office
28 Isahakyan str, room 4 ACE/Armenia.
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International Youth Seminar "Capitalism or Social Justice"5-12.05.2010

Currently we are recruiting young people for the next international youth seminar " Capitalism or social Justice" which will take place from 05.05.2010.-12.05.2010 in Educational Center Kurt Lowenstein in Werftpfuhl, Germany.title

If you have a lot of motivation to be involved in lively discussions about how to create a just and tolerant society for all, if you want to acquire new skills, if you want to meet young people from different coutries and learn about other cultures,and of course if you have strong English skills, then you are welcome to apply for this seminar !

For more information, please contact us at 56 60 14 or visit our office ACE/Armenia at 28 Isahakyan str, room 4.
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DEC 25, 2009 JAN 04, 2010 International Winter School , Werftpfuhl, Germany

150 young people from different organisations and different countries gathered together for the international winter school in Werftpfuhl to discuss the problems of socialism and how they understand socialism . There were a lot of discussions , brain storming , exchange of ideas.
Participants also had a lot of fun and celebrated together the NEW YEAR !
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