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International Seminar “ Fighting their wars – create peace!”,NOV08-15,2009

About 50 participants from all over Europe gathered in Werftpfuhl, Germany for the international seminar.During the seminar participants dealt with reasons beyond different regional conflicts and analysed how is the society connected with the conflicts. Also there were developed own solutions to different conflicts and what can young people do to build a better future.
Participants also had opportunity to visit Berlin, to experience German culture. title

They also organised intercultural evening with traditional food and drinks from different countries , and of course had a lot of fun.
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Youth Conference “Europe without borders – I live in Europe “ Germany

60 young people (between 15 and 25 years old) from 12 different
European countries and their leaders spent 6 days together in Germany.Armenia was represented with the group of young people from our organisation . It was the best opportunity for youth from different countries to share about their daily life, to experiment other cultures, to make personally some European experiences and last but not least to have a lot of fun with new friends!!
The participants took part in different workshops (i.e. video, newspaper, musical theatre, and manual activities) about the topic and presented their results at the end.
They also had opportunity to visit Frankfurt/Oder and Berlin with the famous and historical Brandenburg Gate.
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27th International Youth Meeting in Dachau , Germany

130 participants from all over the Europe spent 2 weeks in the Youth Center in Dachau.
They got involved with the history of the National Socialism. In different workshops, partly with several days duration, the participants worked on different thematic subjects, talked to Holocaust survivors and visited historical sites..
The multifaceted program included furthermore excursions to Dachau, Munich, and the vicinity, maintenance work at the memorial site, short trips and discussions. title

Of course there were also intercultural evenings where participants could learn about each others culture, and parties.
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